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The first websites started showing up on the internet in the early 1990s. It's hard to imagine that it's been over 27 years since the online business revolution began.  The ways to capture qualified online traffic has evolved.  Consumers and target markets are busier than ever and much more tech savvy. The days of brochure-type websites is over and small print, lots of content and broken links can damage consumer confidence and trust.  The need for integrated digital websites has arrived and BridgePact's flagship service is our integrated digital approach to your business.  With Calls to Action (CTAs), fast loading code and mobile optimization, our integrated digital services take all the chaos out of going fully digital.  


An integrated digital website is the cornerstone and the heartbeat of your business. An integrated digital WordPress site has many advantages, including speed, security, functionality, and the capacity to include a wide variety of plug-ins to enhance your users experience. All of our integrated digital websites are integrated with other digital services designed to find, drive, capture, retarget and convert your qualified traffic into new revenues for your business.  This package includes:

  • Custom client consultation to develop your site
  • Customized WordPress theme
  • BridgePact state-of-the-art basic hosting platform
  • Custom content page development and design
  • Custom navigation build-out (generally 5 major page links with supporting PDF documents as needed)
  • Pages determined during client consultation
  • Domain set-up and/or transfer for name (url)
  • SSL lock for domain security (one year)
  • Mobile optimized
  • Click-to-call function for mobile
  • Conversion-focused content
  • SEO keywords contained on each page
  • Calls to Action throughout the site
  • Capture pages for leads
  • Stock images (8 included)
  • Plug-ins
  • Tracking codes to capture traffic for retargeting
  • Social media integration (for existing accounts)
  • Brand coordination with your other marketing efforts
  • Dedicated BridgePact project management team
  • Weekly website development progress reports
  • Project completion:  60 - 90 days


As a general rule, custom pricing runs approximately $1800 for the Home page build-out and $1000 for each page build-out thereafter.  Please note that pricing can run higher for all page build-outs based on customer requirements.  Custom package pricing is based on $100 units for all custom services.  Example:  $100 x 5 (quantity) = $500.  During your needs assessment process and prior to your purchase, your BridgePact business advisor prepared a detailed, project summary which includes pricing and deliverables.  When ordering your service from our e-commerce site, simply select the quantity of units to match your approved project proposal.  Your BridgePact business specialist will walk you through the order process for this package.


For maximum security and performance of your website, we suggest a CyberEdge hosting package that will impact your business in two major ways:

  1. Your site traffic, website and data will be protected from major cyberattacks that can be costly and devastating to your company
  2. Your company will show up consistently online in over 70 different search engines that drive search results for your potential clients

Please contact your IND Business Advisor (IBA) for more information.

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