Reputation Management Integration (4050SP)


Once you've discovered that there is missing and incorrect data about your company online, it can be overwhelming to get started.  Since it's virtually impossible to manually clean up all the wrong data that most companies collect over time, there's only one way to effectively handle digital chaos and that's immediately!


It's easy to get started on cleaning up your online reputation and reviews with our custom Reputation / Reviews Integration services.  The process starts with a client consultation where we share your current reputation and reviews status.  You'll get an accurate baseline and starting point.  Then, we gather the data we need to load and activate your content and brand in the BPX Digital 4000 platform.

This bundled package is partnered with the includes:

  • Client consultation to gather your correct business data
  • Review of your current online reputation and reviews scan to discuss relevant issues through a baseline digital status report
  • Integrate your accounts and data in the BPX Digital 4000 platform with over 80 API directories and over 50 reviews sites
  • Integrate your real-time reviews RSS feed with your website


    You'll begin to see results within your first 30 days after your reputation management account goes live. Each of the 80 + different directory listings and reviews sites have their own rules and how they collect and publish data. Over time, your online reputation will make steady improvements.  When you do a search for your company, you'll see more and more correct information showing up in search results and we'll validate our work with monthly reports. Most importantly, your potential customers will find more information about your company during their search results and be more inclined to pick up the phone or go to your website.    hich includes pricing and deliverables.  When ordering your service from our e-commerce site, simply select the quantity of units to match your approved project proposal.  Your BridgePact business specialist will walk you through the order process for this package.


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