Hosting Plus (HOSCS4002RC)


The days when websites were simply online brochures are part of internet history. Digital business is the only kind of business in today's competitive marketplace. Successful websites now require a strategic list of features including hosting for websites with SSL security.  Google and search engines penalize websites that are outdated and not security with even basic protection from hackers  

All websites now need to be mobile responsive. While Google dominates the search engines, there are over 80 different API search engines that drive internet search results. These engines are constantly changing and smart companies need to make sure that these directories are working for their business and not against it.

To be competitive, every website now needs to have new information added consistently, plug-in and code updates, and ongoing SEO relevant updates each month.

Development and design are only the first steps in building a website. Making sure that your website is secure with web performance is critical to the ongoing protection and performance of your business.  


A website by itself can be extremely vulnerable to hackers. It's like having an office building without security, doors or windows. It's vulnerable and easy to vandalize. In today's digital world, if you're in business, it needs protection.

Our web performance service platform works 24-7 to make sure that your website is highly functioning and secure in real time. For closed source websites, this package is available for a fraction of the cost of hiring one part-time / full-time experts and web developers to protect and maintain your site. 

The entire package includes:

SECURITY PROTECTION AND WEB PERFORMANCEThreat Defense Feed automatically updates firewall rules that protect you from the latest threats

  • Closed source security
  • SSL security lock
  • Ultimate hosting
  • Analytics to track site performance
  • Security monitoring, SSL and updates
  • SEO monitoring and updates (organic)
  • Page and link monitoring, updates and repair
  • Advanced speed performance enhancement
  • Domain monitoring, updates and protection
  • 24-7 advanced API publishing, updates and repair
  • Show up on over 80 different search engines AND GOOGLE!
  • Mobile integration monitoring, updates and repair



This dynamic package has everything you need to provide a secure website for your target markets to visit safely.  When your website is protected and performing at 100%, you can stay focused on your business.  You'll have the peace of mind knowing that your online presence is visible, secure and is capturing your target markets.  Your highly functioning website locks out your competition and delivers strong search results.   


Please note that this service qualifies as a monthly subscription service that bills automatically each month.  BridgePact will provide you with an update each month via email, which allows you to monitor your account. This service requires an annual service agreement.