Reviews Management (RMRMC-100RC)




Over 90% of today's savvy consumers search reviews about companies as part of their decision-making process. Consumers want digital proof that they can trust companies with their business.  

Bad reviews and even no reviews causes serious damage to a company's reputation.  

It takes consistent focus to ensure that new positive reviews are being posted online often by your target markets.  Businesses often struggle with how to effectively address negative reviews and how to get more positive reviews from their customers.  It can be very challenging to assign reviews management to a regular staff member who may have many other duties and not have access to powerful platforms.







Our powerful reviews management platform puts your email marketing lists to work 24-7 for your business.  With regular monitoring, you'll get notified when there is a negative review or feedback and be able to address customer issues more effectively.  Take control of your online reviews and create more new positive reviews to validate your business to potential new customers. This package includes:

  • Exclusive access to BridgePact's reviews management platform
  • Capture all reviews from different platforms in one document for easy viewing
  • 24-7 monitoring on over 70 different listing directories and over 50 different reviews sites where customer feedback is posted
  • Scheduled re-posting of positive reviews on selected review sites
  • Monthly email marketing campaigns (client provides names and emails) to get important feedback and additional reviews from your customers
  • Capture negative feedback from unhappy customers inside our platform which is NOT visible online!
  • Get monthly email list updates to keep your mailing lists accurate and current
  • Monthly coaching on how to best ask customers for their help with reviews
  • Monthly reviews progress reports to measure progress


Your customers will be able to find more positive reviews on your company.  You'll be more in control of what's being said about your business online.  Organic SEO rankings improve when positive reviews are consistently being posted.  You'll have a system in place to address negative reviews and have more control of your online reputation.   


Please note that this service qualifies as a monthly subscription service that bills automatically each month.  BridgePact will provide you with an update each month via email, which allows you to monitor your account.  This service requires a one year service contract agreement.

PRICING OVERVIEW:  $100 UNITS / QUANTITY:  Custom package pricing is based on $100 units for all custom services.  Example:  $100 x 5 (quantity) = $500.  During your needs assessment process and prior to your purchase, your BridgePact Business Consultant prepared a detailed, project summary which includes pricing and deliverables.  When ordering your service from our e-commerce site, simply select the quantity of units to match your approved project proposal.  Your BridgePact business consult will walk you through the order process for this package.

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