Reputation / Reviews (RMC-100RC)


Over 90% of today's savvy consumers do significant research online about companies as part of their decision-making process. Consumers want digital proof that they can trust companies and a brand with their business.  When a company has bad reviews or even no reviews, this can damage a company's reputation.

When there is any incorrect data online about a company, it's called "digital chaos." Many business owners are now becoming aware of how important their online reputation is to their business growth and their bottom line.   It's important for ongoing business growth for companies to be consistently adding new positive reviews that show up as part of online search results.


Get your online reputation working for you.  We recommend our robust reputation management platform to make sure that your data is consistently correct and that your business is showing up well online.  This package is available only after completion of RMS-100, which is the Reviews / Reputation set up service.  This package includes:

  • Exclusive access to BridgePact's online reviews / reputation platforms
  • Basic monitoring on over 50 different reviews sites and over 70 different listing directories to support your healthy brand growth
  • Reviews monitoring and monthly report of online reviews (new and historic)
  • Reviews management with email campaigns for client feedback and reviews received internally through our BPI reviews management platform
  • 3* + reviews posted to relevant reviews platforms
  • Less than 3* reviews captured internally and NOT posted to relevant reviews platforms
  • Effectively manages negative reviews by posting more positive ones which show up on top of search results
  • Scheduled reposting of positive reviews with comments across some platforms (more in development) like Facebook, Google +, Google My Business and more
  • Notification of negative reviews so that you can address them directly and hopefully resolve the issues
  • Shared response results from the email campaigsn to help keep your email list current
  • Your company data continuously updated and accurately listed directories including:  Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, City Search and over 70 API publishers where search engines get data for search results
  • Monthly brand clean-up for duplicate listings, wrong addresses, other inconsistencies that our platform continuous monitoring for and finds deep within the internet about your company
  • Ongoing brand consistency and improvements across all directory listing platforms
  • Restaurant clients:  Updates to menus and specials listed 
  • Monthly reports on new reviews and listing directory status


Your customers will be able to find your company online and see significant search results with consistent and positive information. Instead of fighting to get on page one of search results, your company will be listed on many pages. which gives your potential new customers strong social proof that your business can be trusted to take good care of them.  Negative reviews get buried when new, positive reviews are consistently being published on directories and reviews platforms.  Organic SEO is improved when new positive content is published about your company.   


Please note that this service qualifies as a monthly subscription service that bills automatically each month.  BridgePact will provide you with an update each month via email, which allows you to monitor your account. This service requires yearly service agreement.


Custom package pricing is based on $100 units for all custom services.  Example:  $100 x 5 (quantity) = $500.  During your needs assessment process and prior to your purchase, your BridgePact business specialist prepared a detailed, project summary which includes pricing and deliverables.  When ordering your service from our e-commerce site, simply select the quantity of units to match your approved project proposal.  Your BridgePact business specialist will walk you through the order process for this package.

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